Online Giving

We are pleased to offer you the option of online giving to Holly Creek Baptist Church


We are offering you this service through Dwolla, an online money transfer service

 This service requires you to have an account with Dwolla, and a link to a bank account to your profile for money transfers.

 Why have we chosen Dwolla?

 Dwolla is not a credit card service, it is designed to use money that is in your account.

 User accounts and the church account are free.

 Dwolla is very inexpensive.  There is no charge to the church or giver for gifts under $10.  Gifts over $10 and up to $10,000 cost only $0.25.  The quarter ($0.25) is deducted from the donation during the transfer.  This allows more of the money you give to go directly to the ministry, and not the merchant bank.

 Give to Holly Creek using Dwolla

Visit Dwolla to sign up and learn more